24 Edney Road, High Wycombe, Western Australia 6701

  1. Martin Fleming says:

    For Rob. I have just finished reading the book. I met Wilf Douglas briefly when I was a missionary at Kurrawang (1957-1959). His work and enthusiasm for aboriginal language scriptures was not very much appreciated by the mission hierarchy, but I have come to appreciate it much more over the passing hears. Our first son was born in Kalgoorlie. When he was managing the store at Fitzroy Crossing he gave a job to a man who had been a boy at Kurrawang when we were there, and he was accused of giving him the job because he was “the same skin.” I well remember the two watys poster that Reg Johnson used – I suppose that was the poster produced by your father. You may remember Reg – he was the aboriginal evangelist that I knew and he travelled widely from Kalgoorlie up to Mt Margaret and Meekatharra in his old red blitz wagon.
    Thanks for the book. It refreshed a lot of memories.

    • Rob Douglas says:

      Hi Martin, thanks for your kind words. Yes dad produced the two way poster and it was very popular for a long time. I remember Reg Johnson well. It was a privilege to have been able to tell Dad’s story and it’s also been a privilege to hear from people like yourself whose memories have been refreshed.
      God bless

  2. David A Lowe says:

    Hello Rob,
    One of our daughters gave me ‘He speaks our language’ at Christmas and I’ve just finished reading it. Thoroughly enjoyed and thanks for making your Dad’s story known, a great story indeed. Typical of our Lord to take a nondescript kid and use him to do a wonderful work.
    The book fascinated me for a number of reasons including the following: I came to Aust. from near Belfast as a teenager in 1961. Did a stint at Fairbridge, then up to the wheatbelt followed by many years on sheep and cattle stations in the North West. Got to know some great Aboriginal men in those days when often I was the only white fellow in the mustering camp. Later settled and raised a family in Carnarvon where my wife and I came to know the Lord.
    Back surgery ended my physical working life and opened the door to study theology in Perth. On completion in 2002 was keen to work amongst Aboriginal folk and got invited to work alongside Jonathan Bates at the People’s Church in Halls Creek. We loved that experience and the folk there for a number of years. Presently we are ministering amongst Aboriginal folk in Wyndham.
    You will understand how it is that in a number of ways I could understand where your Dad was coming from. Thanks again for making his story available.
    Yours in Christ
    David Lowe.

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